DAP Technologies develops the new business and takes care of our customer's projects in China. As a Key Industrial Partner(KIP) of the companies from EU, we provide consulting services and technical supports for their business. 

Products and services importing, technologies importing(Technology Transfer) and investors finding for the EU company who wants to have a new investor/shareholder. 

We love Sky and Ocean; Aviation and Marine technologies are what we do particularly well.

We familiar with the Know-How of business in China and we are happy to show you our values.


Main businesses and values:

Products and Services Importing/Exporting;

Technical Supporting and Consulting Service;

Business Development and Project Management;

Aviation and Marine Technology Transfer;

Investors Finding for EU Companies.

Diversity requirements, Diversity solutions. We recognize that each customer has individual requirements and our objective is to provide an efficient and cost effective solution tailored to their specific needs. 

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